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Mobile Education at Abilene Christian University’s (ACU)

On Thursday, 22nd May, I attended a talk from ACU about their experience of providing their freshmans students with iphones/itouches.  It was an interesting session, they were good speakers and very enthusiastic about the project. ACU had quickly come to the conclusion that the one peice of technology never far from a student was their phone, and when the iphone was announced it was a solution to bringing technology into the classroom.

An ACU app was developed providing students with an array of useful information, including campus plans, schedules etc. The students have a ‘my Mobile’ section providing tailored personalised information to the student such as assignment deadlines. There are also nano-tools allowing  tutors to be able to poll the students in class, create word clouds and much more, making the iPhone a key tool in the learning experience at ACU.

The vision of ‘mobile learning’ seemed to be of key interest to the audience, the speakers talked about how the environment is constantly changing and how education needs to change with it, moving away from the notion that students are fed information to more peer to peer teaching and collaboration, and how technology could be used to achieve this. I think a key advantage of the iPhone is its flexibility and can be  easily integrated into the teaching in comparison to perhaps a VLE, where teachers could be faced with IT barriers, in the sense of having to do teaching in a PC lab so all students have access etc.

Sadly I had to leave early so missed the Q&A and the opportunity to find out more about the BCU iphone pilot.

ACU Mobile Learning

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