LiFE^2 Case Studies – SHERPA-DP

SHERPA-DP – presented by Stephen Grace (Preservation Manager, CeRch)

Within SHERPA-DP (a project to setup a shared preservation environment for the SHERPA project

Stephen running through different aspects of costs. Stephen is one of several presenters to say that Metadata creation isn’t really a separate step – I’m left wondering who actually argued in favour of treating it separately?

They found some aspects hard to predict – e.g. preservation action, where they assumed major action (10 days effort) would be needed every 3 years. This may need to be refined as we learn more about digital preservation.

Costing exercises are difficult – they take time, evidence not readily to hand. However, LiFE offers a consistent methodology. They also felt that it showed the value of 3rd party preservation – ‘tho’ he admits to being biased!

They found that the storage costs had a large impact – so reducing storage costs would have a significant effect.

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