RSS, Federated Search/Library Portal, and OpenURL

I’ve been asked to take part in a session presenting on how RSS might be used in conjunction with an OpenURL link server (SFX), and a federated search and library portal product (MetaLib).

I’m putting my first ideas down here, but if anyone has other ideas, it would be great to hear about them…

  • Recently received journals list from a library system with links to OpenURL to provide fulltext or ToC links as available (I’ve already done this one)
  • Search results via RSS
  • New resources added to Portal
  • Portal displays RSS feeds from other sources

I’m sure there must be more potential than this, but so far that’s what I’ve come up with – I’ll add more if/as I get more ideas (either my own, or contributed by others)

5 thoughts on “RSS, Federated Search/Library Portal, and OpenURL

  1. Hey Damyanti! Good to come across another woman blogging in the UK on information technologies. Hope that you will check out my site – – & perhaps consider joining up with our small group to help organise or speak at a Weblogs in Education conference in the New Year? The call for interest is on the site under ‘Home & Abroad’.

  2. With the ToC service, the RSS I’m producing reflects serial issues we have received in the library – so in a sense, the primary point of this is to let users know what we’ve received – not to provide a ToC service.
    The fact that we can then provide links to Full-Text or ToC seems like a nice touch, but was an afterthought in a way – I needed to put somekind of link in the RSS feed, and a ToC link seemed more useful than (for example) a link into the library catalogue to the record for the journal.

  3. Hi,
    I ran into this post from a google search. Have you done anything else with this? We are currently using SFX and would like to try to provide rss feed. I would appreciate some pointers. Thanks.
    University of Illinois

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