Are you a Dedicated Follower of Fashion? (Designing technology rich learning spaces for the future)

When I saw the programme, this was one of the talks that caught my eye, so I’m hoping it lives up to expectations – unfortunately so far none of the talks at the conference have been very inspiring, so I’m now dreading this a bit…

Starting with Gill Ferrell. The first point is that IT is challenged to keep up all the time – and while we have started to design our infrastructures to be flexible and responsive, our learning spaces are still very much fixed and static.

A great picture of a PC lab – looks exactly like one of ours – and that’s not a good thing!

At this point my battery gave out, which was a real shame, as this was by far the most interesting session of the conference so far.

I did take some paper notes, and I’ll try to put these together into a post later, but for now I’ll point you towards the JISC Infokit

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