LiFE Model

This talk by Paul Wheatley, the Digital Preservation Manager at the British Library.

Paul starting by describing the LiFE model, and the shortcomings of the LiFE Model v1.0. Some of these were addressed in v1.1, and v2.0 of the model is due out in August 2008.

Version 1.1 of the model makes some changes – especially differentiating between bitstream preservation and content preservation, and also separating out creation/acquisition costs slightly, as they don’t always apply.

For Version 2.0, they are looking at bringing in elements for ‘Disposal’. How Metadata is handled has divided the LiFE time, and there are some changes in v2.0.

Quite a lot of detail being covered by this report, but unfortunately it isn’t terribly gripping – I would guess reading the reports out of the LiFE projects would cover all this.

At the end some questions about the model. One interesting point about rising cost of electricity.

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