Today I’m at the LiFE2 conference at the British Library. LiFE2 is a follow up to the original LiFE project, which looked at the lifecycle of digitial resources, and apply the findings to three real collections.

LiFE2 has looked at validating the economics of the LiFE Model, and we’ll be have a presentation on this, followed by several case studies.

The introduction is by Helen Shenton (Head of Collection Care at the British Library) – she is both covering the background of the LiFE and LiFE2 projects, and stressing that we live in a hybrid world – perhaps over egging this a bit for me – anyway, we know that we have a huge print legacy as well as needing to engage with the digital world – and Helen is stressing the credentials of the BL in both areas.

Helen now introducing the keynote speaker – Paul Courant, Dean of Libraries at the University of Michigan.

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