JISC Innovation Forum – closing remarks

Some final, overall reflections from Sarah Porter:

  • lots of energy
  • engagement
  • breadth and depth of activity
  • huge potential for links, sharing findings, knowledge, approches
  • conversations – lots of conversations

A frightening amount of activity!

Some things that have come up:

  • how JISC can help institutions embed e-learning
  • ensure the place of technology in the overall pracice/development – scaleability of practice
  • staff and their changing roles – providing advice on the roles – helping people to be effective
  • data repositories – are they the right way to go and how do you make them more compelling
  • balance between trying to deliver an IT service that works and innovation – convincing senior management that this is important
  • understanding the institutional barriers  to change and innovation
  • stadnards – minimum standard for access and the sorts of things a university should be providing
  • providing better access/opportunities – open up debate on whether mobile devices should be amdatory for all students?
  • sustainability – green computing, environmental agenda
  • impact of changing demographics in student body
  • digital literacy – needs to happen at school age
  • inclusivity – equal access and digital divide agenda
  • academics as providers – emphasis on the user experience – should they be using each others content?
  • exper registry – how a project could locate expertise
  • JISC funding models – are theyre more imaginative ones – e.g. centres of expertise
  • sharing good practice – how do we do this as the sector becomes more competitive?
  • need to engage more institutions
  • embedding prjects – they stop, what happens next? embedding concepts across the sector
  • recruiting project staff for JISC funded projects – pool of CVs?
  • technical project resumes to help collaboration
  • address time gap between implementation of technology and what happens when it’s used – bridging measures
  • joining up with national data sharing initiatives (interoperability) and communitites
  • data curation – who will deliver training? awareness of digital content management
  • need to understand and develop shared services models – how do new applications (e.g. Google) fit. Can we provide single points of entries to these things?
  • Open source nad open standards – do we need to clarify intentions and priorities here? greater coordination across stadards bodies
  • how do we develop a sense of technical authority> what other models exist?
  • make e-framework more accessible (!)
  • break down barriers between e-research, e-admin and e-learning
  • what JISC might do to help engage senior management in institutions – use senior managers who are already engaged, and other approaches needed
  • sustainability and business models – range of approaches, need to explore models and provided guidance – tension between free access and sustainability

A couple of points at the end about how we carry on the conversation online – JISC need to look at how they carry the sense of community from this event to online venue. Also about making the details of projects, what they are trying to acheive, and the outcomes – currently piloting some stuff internally that will be launched after it has been tested

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