Mashed library – it’s happening

OK – following the overwhelming response (ok, a few people, but all very keen) who responded to my recent post on a kind of unconference/hackfest/barcamp thing around library technologies, I’m going ahead with it.

It’s early days yet – no venue, no date etc. – although it looks like I’ve already had an offer of some possible funding, and a couple of tips on venues – so capitalising on my own enthusiasm, and that of others, I’m determined this is going to happen. Although the event will be about using technologies in libraries, we need a mix of non-techy (but interested) people, as well as any programmers or part-time coders/messers (where I’d count myself).

I’ve setup a website at with some ideas from me of how the day might work, and asking for input from you (dear reader) to say how you think it might work, and anything else you want to contribute.

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