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The tenth and last week of the Learning 2.0 programme here at Imperial College Library is on Gaming and Virtual worlds. I started a post saying "I'm not really a gamer", but as I started to write more about the games I played I realised that this really wasn't going to wash.

I guess you could say I'm a first generation 'native' (or 'resident') computer gamer – that is, I played computer games growing up, whereas my parents were well in the pre-computer game era when they were children. I think it is fair to say that my parents have never really become real 'natives', although they do occasionally try stuff out (usually at my behest).

So instead of the first post I was going to do, here is a meme style thing instead – my life through games, listing the games (plus platforms) that standout somehow in my life to date, with the platform I played them on – so here it is, my life in 20 games:

  1. Manic Miner (ZX Spectrum) – a platform game starring 'Miner Willy'
  2. Atic Atac (ZX Spectrum) – a type of graphic adventure, you had to explore, find keys, eat food etc.
  3. Impossible Mission (Commodore 64) – another platformer "Stay a while… stay – forever!”
  4. Summer/Winter Games (Commodore 64) – sports key/joystick bashing games of various types
  5. Arcadians (BBC B/BBC Master) – a space invaders game, very fond memories of this
  6. Colossal Cave (BBC B) – a text adventure game (aka interactive fiction), based on the classic ‘Adventure’ – the very first game of this type
  7. Dunjunz (BBC B/BBC Master) – a type of graphic ‘adventure’ (although more ‘kill the monsters/collect the treasure than anything more strategic), but notable for 4 way split screen with 4 player option and level design option to create your own levels
  8. Great Britain Ltd (BBC B) – a turn based ‘simulation’ where you set various aspects of government policy – e.g. spend on law and order – and saw the outcome (rate of inflation, riots, etc. etc.)
  9. Chuckie Egg (BBC B) – a platform game – many hours spent on this one
  10. Twin Kingdom Valley (BBC B) – the first ‘graphical’ adventure – I guess a precursor to the ‘point and click’ adventure game
  11. Myst (Mac) – classic ‘point and click’ adventure
  12. Tomb Raider Series (PC/PS2) – essentially a 3d platform game I suppose – I liked the combination of storyline/puzzles/dexterity
  13. Dancing Stage (PS1) – a ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ clone – using a ‘dance mat’ that plugs into the console, move your feet in
  14. Singstar (PS2) – competitive Karaoke, I love it!
  15. Brain Training (Nintendo DS) – solve sums and word games etc. on Nintendo’s touch screen handheld
  16. Guitar Hero (PS2) – competitive guitar playing! Essentially hit combinations of keys (on a guitar shaped controller) in time with the music
  17. Scene It! (XBox 360) – Movie quiz game, spent several hours enjoying beating my nephews and nieces at this
  18. Bejewelled (Mac/iPhone/Online) – a ‘puzzle’ type game – line up jewels to score points
  19. Scrabulous (Online/Facebook) – Scrabble clone (now removed), my wife and I played jointly against others on her account
  20. Wii Play (Wii) – collection of mini-games designed to show off the capabilities of the Wii – Cow Racing is my favourite

If anyone wants to follow my meme, then post a list and trackback to here…

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