Mashed Library ’08 – Register Now

You know you want to.

Registration for Mashed Library '08 is now open at

There is no charge for the day, thanks to my employer (Imperial College London), sponsorship from UKOLN (, and the donation of time and space from Birkbeck College London (esp. thanks to David Flanders for this).

In the first instance places are limited to 25 people. If demand proves
sufficient we'll look at whether this can be increased. Registration
closes on 14th November. Hope you can make it.

The date and venue for the event are as follows:

Mashed Library '08 (see how optimistic I am) will be at Birkbeck College in London on 27th November:

As I've described previously, the idea is to have a reasonably informal event at which we try to do
interesting stuff with library technology and/or data.

The day will start at 10 and finish at 5, and there is a notional structure for the day posted in the Structure forum at the ning site (, and replicated below. If you can't use the ning site for any reason, feel free to leave a comment here, or drop me a line via email or twitter.

Notional Structure

10am Start
10-11 Dummies guide to … (some short presentations on some of the
tech/tools that might be of use during the day – post requests/suggestions below)
11-4 Mashup – work in teams or individually to do interesting stuff
4-5 Round up of mashups and close

I had initially thought that we could have a 'pitch' session where
people pitched ideas for development, but in order to save time on the
day, I suggest that any suggestions for projects for the day are
discussed beforehand – again you can leave comments here, or use the discussion boards at

I've had some interest shown in remote participation,
and I'm happy to see what we can do to support this, although I'm not
quite sure what form this participation should take – if you are
interested in this, please post at, or leave a comment below, and I'll see what I can do (not promising anything at this stage though!)

The tag for the event is mashlib08 if you want to use on posts, tweets, etc.

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