A Suivre?

OK – a final post on Mashed Libraries, and then I’ll shut up. It has been really good to see blog posts start to drift in reflecting on the day, including:

These posts all (I’m glad to say) reinforce that the event was well worth doing. I’ve also got some more formal feedback via a survey (thank you Survey Monkey), and although there are certainly things to learn, and not everyone has had a chance to complete the survey yet, the overwhelming majority of respondents said they would attend a similar event in the future.

So – what comes next? On the day, there was enough interest in running something again next year. To be honest I’d prefer not to wait a whole 12 months, but sometimes these things take longer than you’d like. On the day we started to get ambitious with talk of 2 day events, unconferences and the like. I know OCLC are interested in doing something like the WorldCat Hackathon in Europe – perhaps we could think of a joint event?

Have a think about it, and let me know 🙂

In the meantime, here is a final way to savour the Mashed Libraries UK 2008 event. Thanks to Rob Styles and Dave Pattern for the photos, and rather appropriately the soundtrack is a track called ‘A Suivre’ by AlFa.

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  1. I just thought I’d mention that we (OCLC) are definitely interested in the potential of a joint event, and I’m following up via email with Owen.

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