Developer Happiness Days

In February JISC is running dev8D – a 3/4 day event (9-13 Feb) aimed mainly at software developers in the UK HE space. There is also plenty of room for interested others at the event – as the website says:

Not an educational developer? Not a problem. One of the most exciting aspects of Developer Happiness Days is that it is gathering developers from a variety of sectors, both inside and outside the UK, to promote collaboration and creativity across different areas of research.

As well as teams from across the spectrum of higher education work, commercial developers are attending from a range of sectors. Providing an opportunity for public sector and commercial developers to meet and network is a key benefit of the event.

Not a developer? Again, welcome! The best code is created through collaboration with the end users and we want the people who will be testing the tools in their everyday work to have their voice heard too. And for the technophile tinkerers among you, there will be workshops to help bring everyone up to speed with the lingo.

I've been involved in the planning of the event (although this mainly consisted of commenting on other people's ideas!), but I hope you'll believe me when I say the final programme looks excellent.

The event is free to attend, and there is also a small amount of free accommodation available.

So, whether you are a developer / hacker / scriptkitty /

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