INF11 – Preservation of complex visual digital materials and environments

This blog post is written on behalf of JISC.

Neil Grindley covering this strand, which is described in detail at Also see briefing paper

There areas of focus for this strand:

Note that there is a focus on visual materials, and this strand aimed at bigger projects with longer timescales (looking to fund one project for up to £130,000 to be completed by end by 31st March 2012)

The scope of this work is not desinged to try and tackle the entire spectrum of digital material that are often referred to as ‘complext digital objects’, for example the follow are NOT in scope:

  • Digital literary editions
  • General websites contain embedded multimedia compontent
  • Database driven business and factual information systems

The objectives that must be addressed by the project are listed at

Neil outlines a ‘plausible model’ for desinging the collaborative sturcture of this project (although this is just one possible model):

Have a lead partner (one eligible to bid of course), working with 1 or more ‘domain’ partners who might run symposiums on specific areas – e.g. one for each of the three areas noted above, these domain partners feedback to the lead partner who synthesises and reports.

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