INF11 – Sustaining ‘At Risk’ Online Resources

This blog post is written on behalf of JISC.

Neil Grindley presenting this on behalf of Amber Thomas. The aim of this strand is to provide small amounts of transitional funding to place valuable but ‘at risk’ online resources into new stewardship environments where they will be safe, accessible and sustainable.

A detailed description of this strand is at and a briefing paper at

This strand could cover resources such as websites, resource banks, respositories and other collections of online materials. However, Open source software is not the target of this funding. ‘At risk’ means that the owning organisiation will no longer exist, tha the server infrastructure will be switched off, and/or that there is no technical maintenance available.

This is NOT to support organisations shifting resources around internally. Bidders will need to provide evidence that without action the resource will be abandoned. There should be clear evidence that the material have value.

  • Transfer of ownership must be demonstrably feasible and involve named staff
  • It should be apparent that transfer of ownership is strategically and sustainably sensible
  • Funding cannot be used to pay license fees to current owner

The project must produce:

  • The online resource/collection itself in its new home(s)
  • Full ‘handover’ documentation
  • A case study of the process

Q: Does the lead need to be an HEI

A: The lead partner must be one that is eligible to bid as outlined at

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