E2E – end to end open access

Valerie McCutcheon talking about the ‘end to end open access’ (or E2E) project.

Project is working with a wide range of institutions types – big/small, geographically dispersed, from ‘vanilla’ systems to more customised.

Manifesting standard new open access metadata profile with some implementation although overall system agnostic:

  • EPrints case study
  • Hydra case study
  • EPrints OA reporting functionality

Generic workshops

  • Early stage – issue identification and solution sharing
  • Embedding future REF requirements
  • Advocacy
  • Late stage – report on ridings and identify unsolved issues

Several existing standards bodies/activity

E2E is collecting information on different metadata that is being used or is needed –  Metadata Community Collaboration – spreadsheet for people to add to


Workshop on 4th September – covering:

  • Current initiatives in Open Access
  • Metadata requirements

Working with other Pathfinder projects

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