EPrints developments

Sketchy notes on this session: Les Carr updating us on developments in EPrints software / development

What is EPrints for?

  • Supporting researchers
  • Supporting research data
  • Supporting research outputs
  • Supporting research outcomes
  • Supporting research managers

However, want repositories to take on a bigger agenda – publication, data, information, …

To achieve this stripping EPrints back to its core data management engine – tuning it for speed, efficiency, scale and flexibility.

EPrints4 is not a rewrite of the software, but making the core as generic as possible – so it can handle all kinds of content

Improved integration with Xapian (for search)

Improving efficiency of information architecture – db transactions, memcached, fine-grained ACLs – can support much bigger repositories.

MVC approach

Can be run as headless service, but comes with a UI

Towards Repository ’16 – OA Compliancy, capture projects/funders data (working with Soton and Reading)

Integrating with other services/systems

  • IRUS-UK (on Bazaar)
  • Publications router
  • WoK/Scopus imports
  • OA end-to-end project (EPrints Services are partners)

Les says “EPrints moving towards being a de-factor CRIS-light systems”

Repositories are/need to be collaboration between librarians and developers

No release date for EPrints4 yet – but probably around a year away.

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