INF11 – Infrastructure for Resource Discovery

This blog post is written on behalf of JISC.

Projects to release open metadata about the ollections and resources of HE libraries, museums and archives – details in Appendix E of the call at – Andy McGregor (giving this briefing) suggests this is a good place to ask questions via the commenting system, and also may be a way of finding possible partners for bids through the comments. Also see the briefing paper at

Projects in this strand should take into consideration the fact that they are part of a wider vision and should take this into account, and consider how they contribute to this (and that they have the time/resource to do it).

Look very carefully at the strict methdology in place – if bids don’t adhere to this won’t get funded. ‘Linked data’ is encouraged but not compulsory – see and

Funding is focussed on HE institutions – but partnerships with institutions outside HE is welcome.

Project are about establishing practices that can be adopted by other institutions to spread the benefits around the sector – looking for projects that have ways of doing this embedded into them – not just lip-service to concept.

Data and process must be sustainable – looking for more than just a simple declaration in the bid here but clear ideas of how projects will tackle this.

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