INF11 – Activity Data

This blog post is written on behalf of JISC

This strand looking for projects that explore user activity data to improve services to institutional staff and students – also there will be a single ‘synthesis’ project in this strand. The detailed description of this strand are at and a briefing paper is available at

All about identifying tools and techniques that can work for the sector. Looking for very practical projects – lookin at how services wil be improve, who will it affect, and how they will be affected. Each project should start with a hypothesis (see and and expect projects to look at proving/exploring the hypothesis.

Expect project to release datasets using an open licence wherever possible – but to be clear about any legal or moral problems with this within the bid.

Activity data related to all instituitonal systems is in scope.

There is a related call out at the moment – 12/10 the JISC Business Intelligence Programme – Andy highly recommend that anyone thinking of bidding under the #inf11 Activity data strand should also read this call. Note JISC does not want duplicate bids to both of these calls.

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