INF11 – Research Information Management

This blog post has been written on behalf of JISC.

Detailed description of this strand is at, and briefing paper at

The aim of this strand is “to expand the community of higher education instutitons and organisations who are using CERIF” – the proposal must show how this will be achieved.

Highly recommended that you read the briefing papers and references therein

Looking for projects using CERIF to support the interoperability of systems and processes within one of more institutions – eg. developing a CERIF ‘wrapper’, data warehousing for importing data from external systems

Project must develop outputs that are demonstrably applicable in other instutution and have been piloted in at least two such instutitons

Reports on issues of data qualitiy, costs/benefitis, CERIF gaps

Links to (inter)national projects

Contacts are Neil Jacobs ( and Josh Brown (

Q: Can you say more about piloting with other institutions

A: Look at examples from Scotland where institutions have shared research information using CERIF – that is in a systematic way.

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