INF11 – Repositories take up and embedding strand

The blog post is written on behalf of JISC.

The programme manager for this strand is Balviar Notay and detailed description at A briefing paper is available at

This strand is about embedding proven good practice to develop and existing repository – not about new development. But not just about ‘JISC good practice’ – good practice from other places/communities are welcome – but need to be clear about what good practice you are going to implement – and perhaps ideally be in contact with those who originated the relevant good practice.

Need to see service improvement – not just about ‘better technology’. Also need to show how a wide range of instituitons will benefit from this work – and need to see this – including working with the RSP. This also has to be sustainable – about sustainable innovation – needs to go beyond the lifetime of the funding available from JISC.

Q: Would there be an expectation that the originators of good practice you are going to use would become a partner in the bid?

A: No – especially given the size of the bid – so a consultancy role may be appropriate

Q: Is partnering/good practice limited to the UK?

A: No – good practice from around the world whereever appropriate – but have to ensure you can manage this within the funding and time available (e.g. think about travel etc.)

Q: Are there hashtags this

A: No hashtag mentioned for this particular strand (I’ll clarify this if I can)

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