Hugless Douglas books by David Melling

With the evenings growing colder Freya dug out the Hugless Douglas slippers & I got out a couple of the books, “Don’t Worry, Hugless Douglas” & “We Love You, Hugless Douglas”. These two books have now become regular bedtime stories, cosy & toasty warm just like the slippers.

Douglas is a lovable character with gentle heartwarming stories & beautiful illustrations, they are perfect for bedtime.

Freya is able to follow both stories easily. In “Don’t Worry, Hugless Douglas” when Douglas has to confess to his dad about a mishap with the hat it’s a good opportunity to chat about what dad’s reaction will be.

In “We Love You, Hugless Douglas” Freya is ready to spot when the Douglas is feeling sad & then when happy again when with his friends.

In both books the endpapers are great fun as we spot the different types hats & things we love. It also provides me with the perfect excuse to steal a hug

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