2019 Bookish Cracker Advent

For advent this year I created mini crackers based on our favourite bookish characters & stories.

Here is the list of glorious books we have loved reading

1. Mega Robot Bros by Neil Cameron

2. Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

3.Dotty Detective series by Clara Vulliamy

4. Mr Penguin series by Alex T Smith

5. Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland & Sarah Horne

6. Chronicles of Claudette by Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado

7. Sam Wu is not afraid of series by Katie & Kevin Tsang illustrated by Nathan Reed

8. Princess in Black by Shannon & Dean Hale illustrated by leUyen Pham

9. The Five Realm Series, Book 1 Podkin One Ear by Kieran Larwood with illustrations by David Wyatt

19. Wild Robot duology by Peter Brown

11. Tom Gates series by Liz Pichon

12. Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher illustrated by Shane Devries

13. Midnight Gang by David Walliams illustrated by Tony Ross

14. Dave Pigeon series by Swapna Haddow illustrated by Sheena Dempsey

15. Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

16. Christmas Series by Matt Haig illustrated by Chris Mould

17. Rosie Revere by Andrea Beaty illustrated by David Roberts

18. Izzy series by Pamela Butchart illustrated Thomas Flintham

19. Fairytale Hairdresser series by Abie Longstaff & Lauren Beard

20. Smile by Raina Telgemeier

21. Knight & Bikes series by Gabrielle Kent illustrated by Rex Crowle & Luke Newell

22. Hilda series by Luke Pearson

23. You Are Safe With Me by Chitra Soundar & Poonam Mistry

24. Harry Potter illustrated series by JK Rowling & Jim Kay

October Reads

Here are the kids top reads for the month of June all scoring 4 or 5 stars.

Girl Who Spoke Bear by Sophie Anderson – I loved House with Chicken Legs by the same author & this book was just as amazing, full of emotion I was swept away.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Imbalance part 1-3 – I always enjoy going back to the Avatar world with all my favourite characters

The Silk Roads: a new history of the world by Peter Frankopan illustrated by Neil Packer – is a beautifully illustrated book with plenty of interesting facts and new things to learn, I especially enjoyed learning about the Middle East

Malamander by Thomas Taylor – an exciting new fantasy series and I can’t wait for book two

Knights & Bike:Rebel Bicycle Club by Gabrielle Kent and illustrated by Rex Crowle – this is such a brilliant adventure & it’s full of action as they are always on the move all around the island.

Bad Nana: All the fun at the fair by Sophy Henn – is a really funny & hilarious book and has some great pictures

Jennings Goes to School by Anthony Buckeridge – the best thing about Jennings is that he is so naughty & is so rubbish at writing a letter it’s funny

Tom Gates:What Monster? by Liz Pichon – I had loved reading this & I am going to borrow more Tom Gates books from the library, he is pretty naughty too.

June Reads

Here are the kids top reads for the month of June all scoring 4 or 5 stars.

  • Scriveners Moons by Philip Reeve – a great finale to the fever crumb trilogy, written in a way that’s both humorous & emotional
  • Arun shah by Roshani Choshki – a funny sequel incorporating ancient myths into modern life with plenty of adventure
  • Goldfish boy by Lisa Thompson – this reminded of the Curious Dog in the Nightime and I found it interesting to see the world through Mathews perspective
  • The Island & the End of Everything by Kiran Millwood Hargrave- this was an emotive story as well as a good adventure.

  • Smile by Raina Telgemeier- funny graphic novel about a young girl & her life, I especially like it because it’s a true story
  • Roller Girl by Victoria Jamison- a story about friendship and although they can be broken they can also be mended.
  • Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland illustrated by Sarah Horne – a silly book with even sillier footnotes & I want to read it again and again.
  • The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Raúfa illustrated by Pippa Curnick – story about a refugee boy & the how his friends come up with an amazing plan to help him

Sunshine Picture Books

Some glorious picture books we have been enjoying recently

All The Ways To Be Smart by Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys published by Scribble

I was instantly attracted to this book with its striking palette of colours including the wonderful neon orange. A wonderful celebration of childhood & creativity. It is a beautiful reminder that being smart is not just about facts & figures it’s about being a fabulous person.

Grumpycorn by Sarah McIntyre published by Scholastic

We are always happy to discover another of Sarah’s books and she never disappoints in delivering a glorious story with the most joyous illustrations. In Grumpycorn we meet a unicorn who wants to write a fabulous story but interruptions from his friends aren’t helping his writing process. With a wonderful underwater cast of friends this fun story had us itching to get out pens out & write our own ‘fabulous stories’

Incredible You by Rhys Brisenden & Nathan Reed published by Tate

An uplifting mood busting book reminding you of just how amazing you are. The book starts by how sometimes you might wish to be ‘someone other than you’ but soon turns it around to all the glorious things that you can do. An energetic imaginative & colourful book that will brighten up your day

May Reads

Here are the kids top reads for the month of May all scoring 4 or 5 stars.

    Night Flights by Philip Reeve illustrated by Ian McQue – fabulous stories linking the books in the series beautifully
    Ms Marvel (x4) – humorous witty comic full of adventure
    Spies in St Petersburg by Katherine Woodfine illustrated by Karl James Mountford – as good as book 1, the perfect spy story
    The Alchemyst by Michael Scott – great adventure full of magic & fantasy, want to read the next is the series

  • Princess in Black: Takes a Holiday by Shannon & Dale Hale illustrated by LeUyen Pham- I liked seeing the see the Goat Avenger working with Princess in Black
  • Mr Penguin & the Fortress of Secrets by Alex T Smith – loved it especially the big chase. I was awestruck by the pictures
  • Railway Children by E Nesbit – you never knew where the story would take you
  • Super Magic Frozen Forest by Matty Long- lots of funny things to look out for in the pictures.

Dragon in the Library

The Dragon in the Library written by Louie Stowell & illustrated by a Davide Ortu.

Dragons & libraries the perfect combination for a great read especially when you add in an engaging group of young friends, a dastardly villain and the glorious creature, half dog half dragon, dogon.

We thoroughly enjoyed this read. From the moment Kit discovers her powers & uncovers the secrets of the library we were hooked. As always with power comes great responsibilities as well as an evil villain to defeat.

There was plenty of excitement and laughs as we followed Kits adventures, along with her friends & teacher, to save the day by saving the library.

One of those reads we were happy to dive right back into for a second time as it was so much fun, highly recommended.

March Reads

Here are the kids top reads for the month of March all scoring 4 or 5 stars.

  • Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve – a thrilling adventure that keeps you hooked at every word but beware the sad ending
  • Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer
  • Politics for Beginners by Alex Frith, Rosie Hore, Louie Stowell and Kellan Stover
  • Amelia Fang & the Half-Moon Holiday by Lauren Ellen Anderson

    Rosie Revere & the Raucous Riveteers by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts – an entertaining funny book all about never giving up even if things are going wrong.
    Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez Gomez – has such amazing pictures and colours.
    Little Bears Spring by Elli Woollard and Briony May Smith – I like it because when things seemed terrible there was light and the pictures are beautiful.
    The Ice Monster by David Walliams and Tony Ross – is very funny & made me laugh out loud.

Illustrated Library

Libraries & librarians in picture books

The book Without a Story by Carolina Rabei

Discover life in the library at night & where the importance of readers is explored.

Lola Dutch is a little bit much by Kenneth & Sarah Jane Wright

Meet the unstoppable Lola Dutch who has great ideas including heading to the library.

Heading home with ALL the books

The Covers of my Book are Too Far Part (and other grumbles) by Vivian French & Nigel Baines

A book celebrating all that is brilliant about books & reading. Snippets of bookish thoughts & experiences

A horse librarian

An asian Harry Potter 👍🏽

February Reads

Here are the kids top reads for the month of February all scoring 4 or 5 stars. This month they got to read part 8 of a long running favourite graphic novel series and plenty of exciting stories.

Supernova by Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet Series Book 8) – a comic series full of adventure & twists & turns.

In The Hands of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce (Alanna Series Book 2) – is exciting to see what happens next to Alanna & in this book she meets a magical cat.

Ninja Kid: From Nerd to Ninja by Anh Do and Jeremy Ley – a funny book with a silly grandma who makes amazing inventions.

Pages & Co: Tilly & the Bookwanderers by Anna James – an exciting book with great literary recommendations

The Starspun Web by Sinead O’Hart – a super good science fiction book involving quantum dimensions.

Race to the Frozen North by Catherine Johnson illustrated by Katie Hickey – history that everyone should know about, the story about the first man to the North Pole, Matthew Henson forgotten about because of the colour of his skin.