June Reads

Here are the kids top reads for the month of June all scoring 4 or 5 stars.

  • Scriveners Moons by Philip Reeve – a great finale to the fever crumb trilogy, written in a way that’s both humorous & emotional
  • Arun shah by Roshani Choshki – a funny sequel incorporating ancient myths into modern life with plenty of adventure
  • Goldfish boy by Lisa Thompson – this reminded of the Curious Dog in the Nightime and I found it interesting to see the world through Mathews perspective
  • The Island & the End of Everything by Kiran Millwood Hargrave- this was an emotive story as well as a good adventure.

  • Smile by Raina Telgemeier- funny graphic novel about a young girl & her life, I especially like it because it’s a true story
  • Roller Girl by Victoria Jamison- a story about friendship and although they can be broken they can also be mended.
  • Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland illustrated by Sarah Horne – a silly book with even sillier footnotes & I want to read it again and again.
  • The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Raúfa illustrated by Pippa Curnick – story about a refugee boy & the how his friends come up with an amazing plan to help him

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