Linked Data and Libraries: LODUM

LODUM is Linked Open Data and University of Munster – presented by Carsten Kessler
Started LODUM – about providing scientific and educational data as Linked Open Data
Have started linking Library and CRIS… next want to start linking Courses, and then Buildings (and Bus Stops…)

Brasil – from research project
Maps – starting to annotate maps and have descriptions as LD
Bio-topes data – species etc. from the local region
Interviews – want to annotate recordings and link to transcripts

Library has central role – hub that provides the publication and want to link all the datasets to the relevant publications in the library. Hope in the future will have pointers from publications (within text) to the data.

Concrete use case:
Have institute of Planetology. Have information about the Moon. To save money they look for areas of the earth with similar characteristics as ‘reference data’ – hope that this will be something they can provide.

Development work is advancing with 4 student assistants. Can see some data at; Establishing contacts with other universities via
Need more funding – only have startup funding at the moment

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