Linked Data and Libraries: W3C Library Linked Data Group

This talk by Antoine Isaac…
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W3C setup a working group on library linked data – coming to an end now. Mission of group = help increase global interoperability of library data on web…

Wanted to see more library data in the Linked Data cloud and also to start to put together the ‘technological bits and pieces’ – things like:

  • Vocabularies/schemas
  • Web services
  • Semantic Web search engines
  • Ontology editors

But – need for a map of the landscape – specifically for library sector…
And need to answer some of the questions librarians or library decision makere have like:

  • What does it have to do with bibliography?
  • Does it make life better for patrons?
  • Is it practical?
  • etc.

About to report have got:
Use cases – grouped into 8 topical clusters – bib data; vocab alignment; citations; digital objects; social; new users

Available data:

  • Datasets
  • Value vocabularies (lists of stuff – like LCSH)
  • Element sets (Ontologies)


Finally and most important deliverable:
High level report – intended for a general library audience: decision makers, developers, metadata librarians, etc. Tries to expand on general benefits, issues and recommendations. Includes:

Relevant technologies
Implementation challenges and barriers to adoption

Still got a chance to comment:

For the future Antoine says discussions and collaboration should continue – existing groups within libraries or with wider scope – IFLA Semantic Web special interest group; LOD-LAM

Possibility of creating a new W3C Community group…

We need a long term effort – not all issues (many issues) are not technical

Comment from floor – also see

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