Bryn’s Den

Am sure it’s not escaped your notice that we have a lot of books, as well as a regular healthy stash from the local library I also have a large shopping habit.

Book storage especially for picture books is something I am always on the look out for so was pleased when I got the chance to buy some ex-library journal shelves.

The shelves then became a start to a much larger project, Bryn’s den. Bryn & his dad worked on turning some storage space in his room into his own little den, providing an escape from his sister (not possible), a place to read, a place to play or even to house his own dinosaur museum. The shelves were then added to the door to his new den.

Once Owen had boxed up the pipes, added a few shelves, put in the lights & added the flooring then the real work started the painting (my contribution)

This project spanned a number of months during which Bryn went through an array of ideas of how we would decorate, he eventually decided on ‘sealife’. While Owen painted the walls blue, Bryn & I planned what sea creatures we wanted to paint. I convinced Bryn to add a couple of seamonkeys, having spotted a ‘How to draw Seamonkeys’ guide on Sarah McIntrye’s blog. (Seamonkeys feature in her recent collaboration with Philip Reeve ‘Oliver & the Seawigs‘ which looks like an amazing read)

Bryn drew some of his creations onto the wall which I then went over with paint. I also took inspiration from a favourite bedtime read, Clara Vulliamy’s Martha & Bunny Brothers I Heart Bedtime, by using a fishy font from the book to add a ‘Bryn’s Aquaruim’ sign.

Bryn now has his own little space, perfect for checking out the glow in the dark double page spread from his favourite Octonaut book.


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