Dave Pigeon by Swapna Haddow & Sheena Dempsey

We wrote this for the Guardian Children’s Books Family Reviews  
We hadn’t realised just how funny pigeons were until we discovered Dave & Skipper. In this story, expertly typed by Skipper, we find out just how much pigeons like biscuits, the importance of a good plan, whether a pigeon can outwit a cat and what good friends can achieve.

When Dave pigeon is injured trying to get some croissant crumbs he is rescued by a kind human lady. However, her mean cat becomes Dave’s arch nemesis. While recovering in the garden shed he & his friend plot the cat’s downfall. With the cat out of the way they can get all the bread & biscuits they could ever eat.

We read this book across a few evenings and the wonderful illustrations alongside the funny plot kept Freya captivated & always eager to hear more. We both chuckled at Dave pigeons many plans, not always the most cunning, and it was funny to see if any would be successful. Freya really liked seeing the list of plans crossed out. She liked testing her memory as she happily trotted out all the preceding plans.

As a result of reading this book Freya has been looking out for Dave. She has even run through a series of plans in the hope of enticing Dave to the garden including the Bread plan, the Jewel plan, the Skipping rope plan and the Coat plan. No success as yet but like Dave & Skipper she is determined, so pigeons beware.

Here is a bird feeder decorated by Freya hoping to tempt Dave & Skipper.


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