Fabulous Picturebooks

Lately we have been reading 3 picture books which I would urge you to seek out & enjoy too.

This beautifully poetic book by Chitra Soundar & Poonam Mistry is the perfect bedtime read. Mama Elephant (who according to daughter reminds her of me, am hoping more for my comforting nature & less for my size) is helping a group of young animals get to sleep. Out in the wild they are kept awake by noises such as the wind, thunder & rushing water. Luckily Mama Elephant has comforting words of wisdom weaving the perfect soporific atmosphere. With hypnotic words & illustrations we were all ready for a good nights sleep after reading this. 

From the sleepy to the exuberant next up is New Neighbours by Sarah McIntyre where we meet a tower block of characterful creatures. 

News reaches the young bunnies at the top about the arrival of new neighbours. They race down to tell the others but joy soon turns to worry as each neighbour adds their own concerns & prejudice. Unsurprisingly their neighbours arent all they feared. 

This is a gem of a book full of fun but with an important message too. Both children instantly understood the dangers of jumping to conclusions & the value of being welcoming. They were pleased that the neighbours learnt this lesson too. 

Daughter was very taken with the young rabbits whose enthusiasm to meet the new neighbours wasnt dampened by the others. Using the activity sheet created by the author she started her own comic, featuring versions of the rabbits, titled the ‘Magic Portal’, hopefully a portal to a generous & understanding world.

Our last read introduced us to our new favourite heroine, Billy in Billy and the Beast by Nadia Shireen. With donuts in her hair, compassion & intelligence whats not to love! 

Billy & Fat Cat are walking in the woods one day when they meet a big hairy hungry beast. Fortunately with some quick thinking  Billy is able to save the day. There is plenty of fun to be had in outwitting the Beast & we are Team Billy forever.

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