Goodnight Tales by Johnny Morris

Bryn has really been enjoying the Goodnight Tales for bedtime, having decided it was time to move on from his longstanding picture book stories of Oliver. He was introduced to these stories when he got the audio book for his birthday. A nostalgic treat for Owen & I as we listened to these in the car marvelling at all the voices. What a great story teller.

We then were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of the book from Owens childhood, now father & son happily read a few tales in the evening. While I am not sure we can do justice to the voices, I do appreciate how the name and character of the animal can help shape the voice. The stories are gentle with comforting repetition at the start & end alongside a healthy dose of mischief. Bryn seems to have a few firm favourites & delights in meeting the characters again in different stories.

I was thinking a modern day equivalent would be the Percy Parkeeper stories, which Bryn also likes. The slower pace of these stories provide a nice change to roaring dinosaours, zooming rockets & roaring lions

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