Mortgage fiasco


Some bad news on the moving front – somehow our Mortgage application has gone missing between the financial services firm and the bank (Royal Bank of Scotland). They’ve now faxed through the application again, and we are waiting to hear the result. A very helpful guy from the financial services firm is going to give me a ring this afternoon to update us on the current situation.

It’s a bit of a pain, although I suspect it isn’t going to make much difference to the timing in the long run – I can’t see any reason that this will delay anything, since the survey has been done anyway, so it is only if RBS have problems with our application that it will affect us.

On other fronts we’ve now (I think) given our solicitor all the details we can. They will need to get some from the Property Management company (at a cost of £105.75) – if we’d managed to put the information together ourselves, we could have avoided this charge, but to be honest, I’ve come to see it as well worth the price to avoid the hassle (in fact, I’d have happily paid someone to do all the paperwork!)

More when we have it on this exciting story…

Bloody paperwork


Not much to say that’s new. Just trying to force myself to complete what seems like completely pointless paperwork at the moment.

We got the survey back, and all was OK, so that’s good news, and should mean that the mortgage isn’t a problem.

So, since there isn’t much to say about the house, I might as well just say what else we’ve been doing. We went up to Bolton to visit Damyanti’s family at the weekend. It’s a long drive, and we were tired when we got home on Sunday.

Visiting Damyanti’s family always involves lots of eating, and this weekend was no exception. When Damyanti’s parents found out I’d lost weight, I think it became a bit of a challenge to get me to eat even more than usual. Apparently Damyanti’s brother told them that Damyanti wouldn’t let me eat!

So – we’ve now finished all the curry and other accompaniments we brought back with us from Bolton, and this evening it’s time for a smoked salmon omlette. Since Damyanti has been working late tonight, it’s definitely my job to cook. She should be home in about 15minutes, so I better go and get started.