We’ve spent the last few days painting the kitchen, and now it is ‘blue lagoon’. We’ve put some pictures into the ‘Decorating’ album to show the kitchen before and after painting. We’ve started to take the same colour through into the hallway, and we think it looks pretty good.

I really feel that once the kitchen is finished (they are coming to fix it on Tuesday, it is currently stacked in our living room) that we will have got the majority of the decoration done – just the two bedrooms, and perhaps a new paint colour in the bathroom, left to do.

Kitchen Makeover


After decorating the living room and painting the hallway we have now turned our attention to the kitchen.

We had started talking about the kitchen even before we moved in, and we actually started some serious thinking, and sketching out designs around Easter – so in some ways it seems to have taken us a while to get to this point. However, it all seems to have happened really quickly. We looked in three places seriously – Moben, MFi and Homebase.

It was quickly obvious that Homebase were simply not offering the same service as the other two – and really going to this ‘consultation’ was a waste of time. The MFI offering looked pretty good, but we decided that the Moben kitchen was what we wanted.

The style is Shaker Maple, with a Butler sink, and a solid beech block work top. At the moment the kitchen is completely bare, as we had it plastered last week. We now need to paint, so we thought we’d take a ‘before’ picture to remind us.