Longtime, no postings


I’m afraid we haven’t been too good at keeping this up to date! Anyway, thought it was about time we said something.

We’ve now had the mortgage offer from the Royal Bank of Scotland (hooray), and also the contract details through from the person we are buying from. We’ve also had some questions from our buyer’s solicitor.

I went through all this stuff on Wednesday, and sent an email full of questions to our solicitor. Some aspects of the contract on the flat we are buying we really aren’t happy about (for example, a clause that says we can’t watch TV or listen to the Radio after 11pm or before 8am!). There’s some other odd stuff as well. I’m not sure whether we will be successful in getting these things changed, and whether they really make any difference, but if we are going to have a contract it would seem stupid not to at least question these things.

Having sent this off, I was a bit suprised to get a letter from our solicitor this morning chasing us, so I’m wondering if the email didn’t reach her. I’m going to send a print copy today just in case.

We’ll try to keep this a bit more up to date – really we should start branching out in our postings, as our move won’t (hopefully) go on forever. I’m not sure if either of us are natural diary keepers (or perhaps just not naturally inclinded to share our thoughts in such a public way?). I’ve started to try to record some work stuff at http://www.meanboyfriend.com/overdue_ideas/ so perhaps this will be an outlet for some other stuff