Starbucks in Twickenham

Just driving home today we noticed that a Starbucks is going to open in Twickenham. Damyanti is quite upset, worrying that it might drive other coffee shops out of business. I don’t think this will happen – the other places are far too nice to be driven out by Starbucks. However, I’m wondering if it might push them to do some more innovative stuff like Wireless access.

Madame Butterfly

We have come up to London town today to see Mark, and the brand new shop ChoChoSan (it means Madame Butterfly).

They sell some beautifully designed stuff, but sadly outside our modest budget! Damyanti also worries that she is going to break one of the glass bowls before we leave…

Later we are heading down town to see Eleanor and John (who have been to see Anything Goes today), and I want to browse some computer books, and buy a backup device for the Mac (so I can finally upgrade to OS X 10.3)

Weekend in Eckington

Just got back from a lovely weekend with Alan and Anna in Eckington (Worcestershire). Not a particularly busy time, more relaxing. We saw part of the local ‘raft’ race on the river Avon, and went to the ‘Hog Roast’ in the evening (although all the Hog had gone).

Today we went for a walk at Croome Park – a National Trust property (well – just the grounds actually, the house is now luxury appartments). The gardens were apparently Capability Brown’s first commision when he went ‘freelance’, and the NT is now restoring them to his original design. Unfortunately they were dredging the lake, which meant we didn’t see it at it’s best, but it will be really interesting to go back at some point and see how it’s developed.

We’ve been looking at more properties online this evening, and seen a couple of larger properties outside our ‘maximum’ distance – shows how you get more for your money outside Twickenham. We might take a stroll down to one near St Margarets to see how long it takes.