Long time, no posts


Haven’t posted for ages, so thought I should. I’ve also updated our current reading – we don’t really read that slowly!

I wasn’t very well today – first time I’ve been off work for ages. I slept until 1 o’clock – but I’m still feeling a bit tired now.

We spent last weekend in Bristol. We had a really nice time – we went to see The Incredibles on Saturday – which I’d really recommend – and then ended up in a pub called The Old Duke, which has live jazz every night. We saw a singer called Beth Rowley and her band. The keyboard player was really good, as was the singer. Some really good stuff, including a jazz interpretation George Formby’s "I’m leaning on a lampost" – which sounds strange, but was really good.

On Sunday, we saw the ‘Earth From the Air‘ exhibition, and also went up to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, before meeting some friends for a drink, then heading home.

Unfortunately we forgot our camera, so no pictures of our weekend.

This week we’ve had a couple of pictures framed – one that Damyanti took, and one of an Indian print on fabric. This second one is quite large – don’t know where we are going to put that – perhaps somewhere in the corridor.

We’ve hopefully got a quiet weekend coming up. We’ve got some Christmas shopping to do. We did buy one Christmas present last weekend – which is probably the earliest I’ve ever bought a Christmas present – but still quite a few to go, and less than a month before we go to India!

We are also meeting some friends tomorrow in Richmond, so hopefully we should have a nice afternoon.