It’s been a busy January for us. By the 8th January we’d already been in 4 countries in 2004. Well, we’ve now planned our 5th – yesterday we booked flights to Seattle for Easter.

For Damyanti’s birthday we went to the Cotswolds for the weekend. We stayed in the lovely Three Ways House, home of the ‘Pudding Club’. The hotel was small and friendly, and the food (especially the syrup sponge and custard) was delicious.

On the house front, we had an offer on our flat in early January, and we are in the process of doing the paperwork now. The buyer’s solicitor is being extremely thorough, which created a long list of questions for us and our solicitor. However, we think we’ve answered all those now, and yesterday our solicitor (Emma) sent a large package back to the buyer’s solicitor. I’ve got a few loose ends to follow up (I need to make sure we are paid up to date with both our ground rent, and service charges), and hopefully then we can start talking dates!

Damyanti says ‘yeah’ 🙂

Work is going pretty well. It was pretty difficult to get back into it after such a long break at Christmas, but I think I’m back into the swing now. (Damyanti says ‘boo’ as I’ve started doing work at the weekends again). We’ve got some interesting stuff coming up – the whole e-learning area is moving slowly forward, and I’m also involved in the college ‘Portal’ project, and ‘Content Management’ solution. The college is in the process of buying a new Student registry system, and although I won’t be involved directly in that implementation, it looks like some other software we are getting as part of the deal will touch on all three of the areas I’ve just mentioned.

Damyanti has started to look at her ‘chartership’ stuff. Apparently it’s horrible. In order to become a chartered librarian, she needs to record her professional development over the current year, and the first thing is to write a ‘training plan’ which lays out what she is going to do in 6 specific areas of her work. The odd thing is that when she submits her final report, she can only include experience from the current year. So, although one of the work areas is related to the use/implementation of electronic resources, she can’t write about the 2 years worth of experience during which she wrote and implemented an e-journals database, and also was part of an implementation team for MetaLib – our e-resource management system and federated search engine. It’s this kind of stupidity which reminds me why I get so irritated by CILIP.

Anyway, by the wonders of wireless, I’m writing this from the comfort of bed, which probably means it’s time to get up (although when we were in the hotel, we got a taste for breakfast in bed)