Milton Lodge


We viewed our first flat today, and only took us 15 minutes – I’ve spent more time deciding on a pair of boots!

From the outside, all looked well, although it was on quite a busy road.

What we liked:
Lovely wood flooring
Nice big hallway
High standard of decor
First floor flat

On the downside:
Kitchen and Bathroom smaller than we would like
Main bedroom lacked natural light
Lack of electrical sockets in main bedroom
No storage space
No allocated parking space

Viewing the flat made me realise that a good sized kitchen should be a priority on the big great Twickenham flat hunt

2 thoughts on “Milton Lodge

  1. matty

    kitchen looked OK to us! Probably it felt cramped, but if it
    were open-plan next to a dining room (or with a hatch through
    to the dining room) then that amount of workspace + cabinets
    might seem OK.
    Pity it didn’t have room for a freezer though. (+ presumably
    no dishwaser…)

  2. Owen

    We thought that the kitchen would be too small for us both to be in comfortably unfortunately – and not open plan or anything (and as you say – no room for freezer or other appliances apart from the existing washing machine and fridge).
    The other thing at the moment is that we don’t know what we might get for our money. We kind of realise that we may have to compromise on some of the room sizes to get the extra bedroom – but we don’t know how much.

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