No viewing tonight


Came home to find out that our viewing was cancelled tonight as someone has put an offer on the house 🙁
I am sure there will be more to see though

One thought on “No viewing tonight

  1. Dad&Mum

    We thought we ought to say we are viewing your weblog every day or two, and following your flat-hunting with considerable interest. We know why you liked the view over the river at Grove Lodge – it looked very attractive, and we also liked the wooden floors and fireplace in the maisonnette, as you did. The photos are a little tantalising, since you only see one corner of a room, and you can’t really get a good feel for how much space is available – they make you feel you want to have a better look around. And we’re really sorry there is no picture for the Queen’s Road flat, since you seemed to like that best so far.
    Anyway, best wishes with your further searches (there certainly seem to be quite a few to choose from), and we shall continue to follow them enthusiastically!

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