Valuation 2


We had our second valuation today. The guy who did it was very thorough, and took time to measure the rooms (with some clever sonic device), and asked lots of questions about the lease, the central heating system and the like – all the kind of thing that the previous valuer had not been bothered about at all.

And the result? Exactly the same as the first valuation – which probably goes to show that it’s not rocket science.

We’ve got another valuation booked for next week (probably the last I should think – 3 seems to be enough to be going on with) – then we need to decide who to use, and when to put it on the market. I’m starting to get slightly worried about the timing – although in theory it is (apparently) a seller’s market, and we should have no problem selling our flat, it would be nice to already have an offer on ours when we see the one we want.

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