21st September 2020


A bit of a mixed weekend. Really great Saturday – we’d booked tickets for Packwood House first thing and also ordered some pastries from Haddie and Trilby, so we had breakfast while walking around the Packwood House park, and then back to the café for second breakfast and coffee and hot chocolates.

Then across the road to the main grounds of the house and more park land to walk and climb the trees

The rest of Saturday was pretty relaxed, but unfortunately I slept really badly on Saturday night (with nightmares inspired by something we watched on TV!) and I could feel a headache and sore throat coming on – and so Sunday I was completely wiped out. I spent most of Sunday moping on the sofa feeling exhausted and feeling sorry for myself.

Happily feeling a bit recovered today – not 100%, but not wiped out like Sunday. I even managed to go for a run. I’ve decided I need to start exercising again, so I’m starting with a couch-to-5km style program to get me back into it.

In Covid19 news, things are looking pretty much like we are going to have some more severe restrictions again soon – I’m guessing in the next week. Fs school has asked parents to start wearing masks when they drop off and pick up their kids and most people seem to be following this request.

Think B and D might have picked up whatever I’ve had as they both have gone to bed early with paracetamol 🙁

Stay safe, stay strong

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