25 March 2020

  • Feeling: tired
  • Listening to: Postmodern Juke box
  • Watching: Sing it Loud virtual choir meeting on Zoom

I’m going to keep it short today, as I’m tired out after a series of early starts/late finishes.

It’s been a pretty good day overall. I started the day doing the Joe Wicks PE session with F – which left me exhausted!

Then a useful discussion about moving some training I do online, and generally I had a productive day work wise

Th kids have been happy, we had lunch in the garden again, and I finished the day with a virtual choir meeting via videoconference (Zoom) – it was lovely.

Unfortunately B has developed tummy problems this evening – we don’t think it’s anything he ate, and diarrhoea is another Covid-19 symptom (although only in some cases). He keeps pushing himself and I think we’ll be trying hard tomorrow to make him take it a bit easier.

On the plus side – D managed to get a supermarket delivery slot for tomorrow morning – so depending on what they actually end up having available when they deliver tomorrow, we should be stocked up with food (especially fruit which we are almost out of). I also started off some spelt flour bread – so hoping that will be ready for lunchtime tomorrow.

Now going to go to bed with a cup of Rooibos and get some much needed sleep.

Stay safe, stay strong, sleep well

2 thoughts on “25 March 2020

  1. Robin

    Hey Owen! Just a quick one to say, you’re doing really well and keeping spirits high for all of us here and in the choir. We’re on day 6 now and I’ve made a flat cap and working towards a waistcoat then maybe a suitcase. Foods going OK, tasty, but then I haven’t made them try my Punjbi choley yet. Might force that on them tonight. Ha! Well take it easy dude and I’ll try and get on one of these zoom things soon. Much love to the family. X

  2. Thanks Robin – great to hear from you! Sounds like you are busy – D wants to learn how to make a waistcoat now 🙂 Love to all the family x

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