8th September 2020


Today was much better than yesterday as I felt human again. Awake early enough to say goodbye to B before he left for school (around 7:30), and then up to take F to school (8:30).

Worked hard today (had several things to catch up with after being off yesterday) and although I barely had time to think about it, I did start to feel a bit alone in the afternoon – still getting used to the house being empty during the day.

At 3pm picked up F, then had a call before we went off to Fs piano & drum lesson and my singing lesson (I’m learning “Lost in the Woods” from Frozen II – a loving parody of soft rock / 80s power ballads – which my singing teacher is delighted about as he’s not been able to persuade anyone else to try it!).

Then home for tea, F had her 11+ tutoring after, B had a bit of homework (although that’s still not kicked in properly yet) and now everyone’s in bed – think we’ve all had tiring days!

In the actual news, the covid situation in the UK seems to be going downhill again pretty quickly. Eight and a half thousand positive tests have been recorded in England in the last three days (a massive leap from previously), there are delays in testing, and this evening more restrictive measures have been announced for England – with gatherings of more than 6 people banned (previously it was up to 30 people, although there were various conditions around when that was meant to occur and how many households could be present) – this will come in from Monday (although why let the larger numbers run over the weekend I don’t know – seems like asking for people to get together before stricter limits are applied).

Because we’ve got family there, we’ve also been very aware of the local lockdown affecting Bolton (which has got even stricter today with restaurants/cafés now take away only, and no visits to other households allowed). Its all a bit depressing and slightly worrying, although locally in Warwick cases continue to be very low so not too worried about our immediate situation.

Stay safe, stay strong x

7th September 2020

  • Feeling: Sick
  • Listening to: Nothing today
  • Watching: Ultimate Beastmaster

After a lovely day on Sunday, and overall feeling like it had been a pretty good weekend, on Sunday night I had a stomach upset that woke me and kept me awake for several hours. Even though I got some sleep, when D tried to wake me in the morning I just felt awful – so D sorted out the kids and made sure they got to school while I sent my apologies for my meetings and went back to sleep.

Happily whatever caused the stomach upset it didn’t last long and by the time I woke and got up (around midday) I was feeling better, if still a bit out of it. I spent the rest of the day resting and re-hydrating and went to bed early.

Today (6th) I spoke to a work colleague who said her partner had a similar brief gastric issue accompanied by a raised temperature (which I didn’t have as far as I know) and ended up having a test for COVID-19 (although it turned out negative). I don’t think I’ll send for a test (and it’s not clear I could get one right now even if I wanted to) – as I didn’t have the raised temperature, and looking at gastric symptoms that can accompany COVID-19 they don’t match what I had.

Second time in only a few days I’m having to catchup with a blog post a day late. Wondering if the universe trying to tell me to think about posting less often 🙂

Stay safe, stay strong.