16th September 2020

  • Feeling: OK
  • Listening to: Country Roads / Gilmore & Roberts
  • Watching: Miracle Workers

First post since the weekend. Since the kids went back to school, and D went back to work, my days have become very routine all of a sudden – whereas all through lock down it felt there was almost always something that had happened of interest during the day, now it feels like the days are just very “normal” with nothing of note happening – so it barely seems worth posting about.

Since Sunday at Bs school the whole of Year 9 has been asked to stay at home after a Y9 student tested positive for covid-19. The communication from the school was good I thought – we got an email explaining what had happened and what action the school had taken/was taking. However, while Y9 students have to stay at home, siblings of Y9 students should still attend school – I can see the logic (you only isolate the direct contacts of the confirmed case not the “contacts of contacts”) but it feels like this means it is only a matter of time before there are more cases.

D was working at home today – I was happy to have the company, and D was happy to be able to spend a day without having to put a mask on 🙂 Unfortunately I had a rather busy afternoon with lots of calls, so I wasn’t the most sociable.

This evening we had our first choir sectional (baritones) rehearsal of the new season. This was on zoom, but was quite good fun – the first song is an arrangement of “Take me home, country roads” . A group of six had got together in a garden (socially distanced obviously) to join the Zoom call and it looked like that worked well – so I think we’ll have some more “small groups” together through the season.

In the garden a plant (Calyopteris x Clandonensis ‘Heavenly Blue’ – aka Bluebeard) that Mum bought us in remembrance of Dad is coming into bloom – it’s a lovely plant with slightly silvered leaves and small blue flowers. It was really nice to see it out this morning.

And finally this evening my favourite folk duo Gilmore & Roberts did a free concert on Facebook (with a tip jar, half of any money donated to go to Refuge). It was a great set, and recommended if you are looking for a nice mix of modern folk.

Stay safe, stay strong

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