2nd May 2020

  • Feeling: Exhausted
  • Listening to: Choir songs
  • Watching: Virtual choir video!

Today would have been spring/summer concert for the choir I sing in. Instead we decided to have a virtual event, remembering some highlights of Sing it Loud and premiering our “virtual choir” video – although that didn’t go quite as planned!

My day started last night when Seb (the musical director) got in touch about midnight to see if I had a computer that might render the virtual choir video more quickly than his (as his was not going fast enough) – and so we spent the next two hours getting me setup with the right software and files to give it a go. We set the job going, and it looked like it might work – and around 2:30 I went to sleep with the plan to wake up at 7 and hopefully see a finished video – however when I woke it was still predicting 6+ hours to finish the job – and it remained at “6 hours to go” for the rest of the day.

Happily Seb was able to put something together for the evening, and the whole event went off really well and we had a lovely time – what was meant to be just 45 minutes of memories, turned into a couple of hours of reminiscing and watching old performances, and eventually the virtual choir – the proper version will be made available on YouTube once its done, but for this evening we all enjoyed watching Seb’s “early draft” together.

Apart from choir, it was a busy day – we got pastries from Haddie & Trilby for breakfast.

Then I spent most of the day building the new trapeze and climbing frame set for the kids. We’d decided that the old swing (which was secondhand when we got) really was past it, and given the current circumstances we should get the kids something they could really play on in the garden. And so last week I ordered a single swing/trapeze frame plus a rope ladder/platform & pole from Brave Toys. While the process wasn’t entirely stress free (I didn’t always deal with the kids “helping” so well) the result was a great new garden toy and two very happy kids.

In the evening, before choir, we had the usual Saturday quiz, and F had been very keen for the dress-up theme to be books – she dressed as “Prince Johnathon” from the Song of the Lioness series, while B wanted to be the steam punk traction city of London from the Mortal Engines series.

All of that followed by choir, with less than 5 hours sleep and I’m exhausted – so I’m going to bed and hoping to have a lie in tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay strong.