29th May 2020

  • Feeling:¬†Glad its Friday
  • Listening to:¬†Taylor Swift
  • Watching: Parks and Rec

Almost forgot to write a post this evening!

Been a long week, but its Friday (actually now Saturday) at last. I had a relaxed morning mainly trying (not entirely successfully) to help B with some code he’s writing. Then I went to Warwick to pick up a couple of things. It was so lovely to see Mog and Pauline at Warwick Books and Marie at the Golden Monkey Tea Company – it must be so difficult for small businesses like these at the moment and they are keeping things going – if you are looking for books and/or tea (or coffee or chocolate) I highly recommend them.

Apart from that it was work, and I finally got round to fixing the light switch in our pantry after about 6 weeks of it not working!

Going to keep it short as I should really be asleep. This weekend I’m planning to install some water butts to gather rain (if we ever get rain again) off our roof – so that’s a plan for tomorrow or Sunday.