9th September 2020

  • Feeling: Good
  • Listening to: Nothing today
  • Watching: Stumptown

Woke around 7:30 again although struggled to get moving until about 7:50. Gone are the days of just having to worry about getting myself up in time to have breakfast – we are back to getting the kids up and out of the house – and for me and F that means a slightly earlier start than previously because we have to get F to school for 8:30 rather than 8:50. Lying in until 8:30 but still being ready to work at 9 is something I miss about lockdown!

After dropping F off at school I had to drop a facemask off for D (she forgot to pack her’s this morning) and then to work. That was basically the rest of the day – work, pick up F, back to work until time to stop for dinner.

F had her weekly Explore tutoring session this evening – she never wants to do this and always ends up enjoying it – just one of those things that seems like it isn’t going to be fun at the end of a long day I guess (but by the end she was all smiles – she does really enjoy doing the English and Maths – especially today with lots of similes, metaphors and idioms to enjoy in the English work)

Aside from work, I’ve been working with the choir committee to put together our autumn season. Unfortunately even before the new, stricter, guidelines we’d concluded that meeting up and singing together just wasn’t going to be possible. I think we’ve put together as good as virtual choir schedule as we could have done in the circumstances, and smaller groups of six within the choir will be able to meet and sing together (at least under current guidance) if they want to and are comfortable/able to do so. We’re focussing on easy to learn, well known, songs which are being arranged for us by our talented pianist – I really love singing these original arrangements as I think it makes us stand out against others singing the more widely available arrangements which you can buy off the shelf. The aim is to be able to learn and record (unfortunately individually) our parts for six songs between now and Xmas, and have all the recordings brought together into a virtual choir performance.

The first two songs are Take me Home, Country Roads (John Denver) and A Little Respect (Erasure) and I can’t wait to start working on these next week 🙂

Stay safe, stay strong

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