10th September 2020

  • Feeling: Busy but good
  • Listening to: Take me home, country roads
  • Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

A week since the kids went back to school. Feeling like we are gradually getting back in the rhythm (actually I think it may just be me who isn’t really quite with it yet).

Bs school bus service has introduced seat numbers so that they know where people sit in case of a COVID case they can advise just those sitting near the person with the confirmed COVID19. This doesn’t seem hugely practical since they are on that bus for 45-60 minutes each way – I’m not sure the virus is really going to observe the 2m rule over such a period with many people in the space and also touching the surfaces etc. It doesn’t sound like the seating went to plan today, but maybe tomorrow will go more smoothly with people more used to it.

Usual pattern for me today – drop off F, work, pick up F, work, everyone gets home, bit more work, tea, TV, bed! Major excitement was new shoes for the kids – I bought a foot measure so we could measure the kids at home and order online, although I was a bit late for the start of term! The kids have been putting up with slightly too small shoes for the last week, but hopefully tomorrow they will have comfortable feet again. F was especially pleased with her “tarantula” themed shows with a spiders web sole pattern!

Tomorrow expecting equivalent new trainers to arrive for the kids, plus a new cable modem to take advantage of higher internet speeds now available at home – all the excitement!

Stay safe, stay strong

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