1st May 2020

  • Feeling: Tired but slightly better than yesterday
  • Listening to: 1989 (Taylor Swift) and White on Blonde (Texas)
  • Watching: Men in Black: International (but not really paying attention to it)

Still not 100% today, although better than yesterday. Woke up early (for me) and got a hot cup of tea from D as a reward. Didn’t get up until after 8 though. B didn’t sleep well last night and slept in this morning. I could tell he was really tired because when I told him to stay in bed and not worry about school he said “OK, if you say so”.

The struggle to get F to have a reasonable breakfast continued and she had frozen raspberries this morning. Later in the day when we were discussing lunch and dinner plans she said “I’ve had frozen raspberries for breakfast, I’m having pizza for lunch and lamb burgers for tea. Who could want more than that?”. Who indeed!?

My sourdough from yesterday was the accompaniment for the lamb burgers. It turned out quite close textured – much more so than usual think. I’m not sure exactly what was different although I proved it longer than usual (because I’d had to go to bed yesterday feeling unwell when it should have gone in the oven), and I also went for a long loaf rather than round and not sure I got the shaping stage right – but it tastes good all the same.

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Close textured sourdough

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I worked hard today until about 3:30, and then watched some TV with the kids (Great British Menu – very exciting this year as B and D actually went to the series finale banquet in Oxford earlier this year!), and did a bit more work before and after tea. Lamb burgers (with rosemary chopped through) were delicious for tea if I do say so myself. We also watched the Disney “Family sing-a-long” (on Disney+) which was quite fun, although F only really liked it at the very end when Zac Efron turned up to introduce “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical.

F was a bit reluctant to tackle school work this morning, but eventually was persuaded to do some “exciting writing” (free writing) and then had another good session with Liz/Mrs C in the afternoon. B got through all his school work and seems on top of things, although he was disappointed not to get to do any extra computer coding today (although he had already done a computing lesson for school).

Tomorrow I’ve ordered some breakfast treats from Haddie and Trilby, so an early start to collect those, and then the main plan for the day is to construct the new climbing/trapeze set in the garden – alongside a choir committee meeting, quiz, and in the evening the premier of a virtual choir project we’ve been working on – because tomorrow would have been our concert – more on that tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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