11th September 2020

  • Feeling: Bit stressed, but OK
  • Listening to: Take me home, country roads
  • Watching: Prodigal Son

End of the week. Work felt like I did a lot but every step forward had two more steps back 🙁

More new shoes for the kids today (trainers this time) and the new cable modem from Virgin Media which should mean we can get a faster internet connection. Getting the modem working took a little while this evening (at one point I gave up and put the old one back in so we could watch something on Netflix) but it’s now up and working.

Realised today how little time we all get together as a family now everyone is back at work and school. I feel like I’ve barely seen B this week since he’s basically out the door before I’m awake and when he gets home we’re all tired out. F I see a bit more because of the extra time in the morning and then picking her up at 3pm, and D I get to spend some time with in the evening (although we’re mainly just vegging out in front of the TV). Although the last few months have been really tough and being on top of each other all the time has its own challenges, I am missing aspects of it.

Think we’re all glad it’s the end of the week – tomorrow we’ve booked tickets for a local National Trust property first thing (Charlecote Park) and hoping we can have a relaxing weekend.

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