15th April 2020


Slept much better last night and woke a bit late (D had made tea but it had gone cold by the time I got to it). Spent most of the day on Zoom calls with work calls from 1-5 and then choir 7-9:30.

I managed to get out for a walk with the kids before lunch which was nice – it was so hot and sunny! Unfortunately D had to work up to 12:30 and I had a call from 1pm – so I ended up going with just the kids.

I baked some batch buns for the kids to have burgers for tea, and was pretty pleased with how they turned out (although they got a bit darker on top than I’d intended).

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Batch buns

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Also made baba ganoush from a sole aubergine we got in our veg box – thanks to @schopflin on Twitter for the suggestion.

Not quite sure what D and the kids got up to in the afternoon – there was a lot of lego over the floor at one point. I should have asked them over tea but I’ve got out of habits that would have been more natural when everyone is out doing their own thing like asking about how their day went – I must try to start asking about their day especially as I tend to get a bit blind to everything else going on while I work.

In the evening E posted a picture of I & R looking through my mum’s window to say hello to her. It made me suddenly miss them all.

Tired all of a sudden now. Tomorrow more work and the weekly shopping trip I think.

Stay safe, stay strong.