3rd May 2020

  • Feeling: Tired and a little down
  • Listening to: Bach Motets
  • Watching: Nothing really

It’s been a “nothing really” sort of day. I got the lie in I wanted this morning and didn’t get up until 10am. D and F had been up a while but B also got up late and wasn’t much ahead of me.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a great morning – despite (or because of?) the lie in I was tired and had a headache. F got frustrated with the lack of action and company in the morning and I got frustrated with F, and we fell out. I also upset B as he embarked on making granola by himself (which was admirable) but without actually checking what ingredients we had or really thinking about the recipe before he started – which again left me frustrated. What we are learning here is I’m really not great company when I’m tired.

D stepped in and worked with B on the cooking and tried to cheer up F. Eventually we had lunch and I made up with the kids, and the day perked up a bit.

In the afternoon I made bagels with some help from B, and then D, B and F watched The Force Awakens. I sort of half watched, tried to do a puzzle on my phone, and tried (but failed) to read my book, and rest.

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Overall I’m feeling a bit down this evening – I’m tired, behind with work and not really looking forward to Monday. I feel like I’ve wasted the day a bit and not been great company for D or a great parent for B or F and I’m generally feeling quite sorry for myself. Looking for something to treat myself with this evening to cheer myself up. Hopefully a good nights sleep will sort me out.

Stay safe, stay strong.

One thought on “3rd May 2020

  1. C

    You, are an amazing human. You have a beautiful intelligent wife and kids who would put most to shame. Have an hour to just breathe each day. Xxx

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